Boutique Restaurant | Vilamoura


We have live music every Wednesday from 7pm.

We recommend reserving a table as our music events are very popular.

Musicians are among the most tenacious and courageous people on the face of the earth! During the course of a year, they may deal with more difficulties and obstacles than many people face in their entire lives. Every day they face the financial challenge of freelancing, meet the disrespect of people in more “secure” professions, as well as facing the fear that they might be out of a job forever… With every note played they evolve emotionally and physically while risking criticism and judgment…

Because the musicians are ready to give their whole lives for a single moment – for one melody, for one chord, for one interpretation that will shake the souls of the audience. Musicians are beings who have savored the nectar of life in those crystal moments when they poured out their creative spirit and touched someone’s heart with it. It is in those moments that they are as close to magic, to God, to perfection as no one else can understand! And deep within their souls, they know that devoting oneself to one such moment is worth a thousand lives!”